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Mitt liv förändrades plötsligt. Min älskade dotter Linnéa, 14 år, tog sitt liv i maj 2008. I nov 2009 föddes hennes syster och då fick jag cancer. Nu är jag frisk och ska fortsätta mitt liv…

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10 oktober 2017 (17:34) | | av: Ludmilla

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Kommentar från Merry Christmas Clipart
6 november, 2017 kl 6 november 2017 (10:38)

As a principal other dressing up event in the Spiritual liturgical calendar, it uses the growing season of Development and ushers in Christmastide, or The Twelve Times and evenings of Christmas. It turned out first determined to the precise amount of time in the Western calendar by Dionysius Exiguus, a Scythian monk who was simply simply an abbot in Rome. With Exiguus’ research and biblical texts, Jesus’s labor and labor and birth was determined to have occurred on December 25, 1 C.E. There have been many disputes above the genuine day of Jesus’s delivery since, but Exiguus’ particular date has captured despite them.

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